Battle 26

Damn for this battle I would have liked to use the Big Island sounds from @kasperskji (don’t know if I spelled it right) Is that guy from Hawaii back on the forum? Or did somebody load those field recordings?

I’ve taken some nature sounds from YouTube @mixrasta.

Phew, I made it… here’s mine:

Housey Choons Oh Pee Won by - yoof - | Free Listening on SoundCloud

My modus operandi was to create six little one minute tunes and stitch them together, kind of like a little mini mix. So I went off to youtube and recorded different types of ambient noise (rain, cafe noise, jungle noise, traders shouting, star trek engine noise??, some kind of fan noise) across the tape and then kept on embellishing and embellishing. Hopefully, it’s listenable!

The sequence of events was roughly as follows:
  • Rain from youtube (different sections recorded onto L channel and R channels)
  • Dub chord from DSynth
  • Cafe background noise from youtube
  • Scratch sample saying “break” made into a drum kit, different volumes of the same sample spread across six notes, then sequenced
  • Shaker that I bought for my son on holiday in Spain recorded through the mic
  • Break sample from youtube - can’t remember which break!
  • Goldbaby 808, 909 and 707 samples
  • Hamlet Soliloquy from "Withnail and I"
  • Birds singing from youtube
  • Slowed down breaks sequenced, recorded to album while reducing tape speed with the white encoder
  • Radio tuning sound effect from youtube
  • Traders shouting in trader’s pit
  • Requiem from youtube ← this part is the DJ in me :slight_smile:
  • Drum kit made out of lots of separate notes played on the XoxBox, mangled with the drum sampler
  • LSD research sample from youtube
  • Star Trek Engine noise??? from youtube (honestly!)
  • More Goldbaby samples
  • Fan sample from youtube
…and a lot of drum programming!

Wow, yoof! Fat for the ninetees!Already loved it after 45s and all the snippets, damn good journey! And thanks for the detailed description.

I agree with mixrasta. It’s a nicely transportive mix, with a definite 90’s vibe. Good job Yoof!

Thanks so much for the feedback guys :slight_smile:

A masterpiece @yoof! Enjoyed every second

Yoof <3

Here’s mine:

It has some dsynth patches, the flattop drums, and classical guitar recorded through the mic. No other synths or youtube samples.

Nature sounds captured… the song is growing!

Laid back guitar playing, chill! @vehka

Very nice tracks gentlemen ! @yoof gets my vote !

Below is my contribution.
As a guitarist, I must state that any saturated sound is here on purpose, even ugly :smiley:
One track for the Flat Top Drums, with almost every effect available (guitarist, I said)
One for the DSynth bass.
One track for the loop (Digital Synth, I love the sound with a bit of LFO)
And one last track for the DSynth melody. I used the Sequencer back and forth to get a 7/4 pattern that got me crazy.
Heartful laughs make me feel much empathy for unknown people. As much as kind gestures like I saw here. A way to say that you guys get all my sympathy. Must be the defaults of OP-1 that get the haters away ^^

The production is very poor, you may need headphones to get the most of it.
Don’t throw stones, your royal highnesses : OP-1 makes many things easy, but editing and mastering are none of it ^^
For my defense, I must say that this track was done everywhere in the city, included a gymnasium crowded with 4yo children.

Cause I never go out without my OP-1, now…

Laugh And Peace by Lying Dalai | Free Listening on SoundCloud

wow @yoof … amazing work !

Been AWOL for awhile though hope I can catch up with everyone again :).
My track is mostly D-Synth besides some ambience I grabbed from NASA recordings of Jupiter and some whale sounds I downtuned to a growl.

MIne’s coming soon, 1 or 2 h…

Here I go!

Drums are only Flat top recorded to tape with nitro LPF, then bounced with delay, and another bounce, I forgot what ; )

Bass is DSynth, the other Bass Clavinet like Snorkel Bass is DNA, also extra-HiHats are DNA.

First I forgot that only ONE other synth is allowed, so I had to rerecord stuff with the synthsampler.

Nature sounds (CIty, Water, Birds with water, Waves with water etc. from cheesy YpiTube channels)

I played guitar into the onboard mic,

also some voices of myself there in the middle part

Fun Battle!

Here’s a playlist of the entries so far: