Battle 34 Voting

Thank you @josker ! Appreciate that :wink:

after listening a few times throughout the week. i vote for @sammyjams

the track sticks with me throughout the day after hearing it. and as much as i enjoyed all the submissions, and it was a struggle for me to decide between it and a few others, ultimately it comes down to the fun and party-like vibes in your track (and the general vibe of your work). good stuff mate!

thanks for all of the comments and feedback everyone!

I’ve been too busy this week, so I guess the voting is already closed? If not, my vote goes to @brunogla for an amazing track!

Thanks to all comments and thoughts on my track - it already got me hooked before, but this definately helped to start making music.

@quarantequatre: I synced the beats and keys via click track and recorded them seperately to tape.
@kln: thanks for the kind words, when did you make your first op-1 track?

@iriebeats - Sept 2014, Battle 25

Looks like we have a winner! Congrats to @brunogla winning with 5 votes.

Voting is still OK, it seams.

The four tracks I like most are @aeoner’s, @Borden’s, @kln’s, and @brunogola’s.
Choosing is difficult, all tracks have their own soul.

I really like the progression of @kln’s track, so there goes my vote :slight_smile:

@lymtronics - who did you vote for?

and…congrats @brunogola !!

looking forward to the next battle!

Thank you @lymtronics for a really enjoyable and fruitful battle. Congrats to @brunogola ! And thank you to everyone who commented on my track. I really appreciate your thoughts.

@kln I didn’t have a chance to sit down and give each track a critical listen. Perhaps I will have some time to do so in the coming days (though my vote will by then be irrelevant).

Also, I was working on some ideas throughout the course of this battle but was getting too experimental at times or not finding a way to make beats work other times. Lots of little scraps and decent ideas, but nothing cohesive enough to have submitted. I was using a battery powered tape player with an analog dial for tape speed I was sampling into the OP-1 and trying to put stuff together. I think I sampled from too many tape sources to really find anything that gelled, though I did have fun and learn some things anyway.

@Tribrix put it well – congrats @brunogola - thanks @Lymtronics ! And thanks to everyone for the comments, it’s great that people put in the time to do it.

hey hey thank you everyone for your comments!

i will post rules for a new battle today :slight_smile:

thanks @Lymtronics for the battle! it was really fun to join it

Hey all. Amazing next generation stuff y’all! <3

Hey @cuckoo :slight_smile:
Will You participate to the next Battle ? It should be Great !

@quarantequatre sorry I’ve been so absent from the forum lately. I just find it so difficult to find time to put into music these days. But yesterday I met with @Lymtronics in Chicaco. So that sort of makes up for all my absence :slight_smile:


I didn´t voted because I was traveling, but although the battle is by a month closed, I think that I should come back here, listen all the entries and praise the beatmakers :slight_smile: AMAZING, AMAZING battle. One of the best ones, for sure!

@sammyjams I´m always impressed by your beats, dope sounds and programming, love that leftfield cuts. I got the PO´s in April but didn´t explored them. After listening to your beat, I´m fascinated with the Pocket Operators again, thanks!

@josker great atmospheric beat, with some ambient feelings. Solid! However, didn´t understand very well how the camera and the power drill was used - but liked a lot that you choose unusual stuff.

@Flom Really liked that one! Nice composition with powerful sounds. The mix is very good: the audio spectrum is very well structured, the bassline is hot (and working very well with the drums!) and the glitchy leads are fucking cool. As with the @sammyjams entry, It shows the potential of the Pocket Operators and is inspirational.

@wingo Smooth! Cool beat, with a great ambiance. One of my favorites, and makes me want to listen it again and again and also know more about the stuff that you do. The drum programming is really creative, more interesting than a lot of downtempo stuff. Also liked the detail of the vocal sample :slight_smile:

@iriebeats first of all, liked the acidental sequence: @wingo then @iriebeats, both with the same weapons of choice but with completely different cuts. Nuff respect Irie, great dub vibes, creative and not easily categorized beat.

@quarantequatre Wow! C´est superb! Vraiment du bon café. The composition is impressive, a lot of unexpected turn arounds, great musical references/influences, really creative. Another favorite. (and as a Technics + vinyl DJ, love those beats that ends with the turntable stoppin´ effect :slight_smile:
@aeoner Well, I liked my beat, although I think that it could had more variation, as @josker pointed. I confess that when I do more sample based stuff on the OP-1 as that one I get really satisfied with how quickly I can made a basic structure, but it´s really hard to have more variation. I shall explore that aspect on the next battles. I´m really happy for getting the vote of @Eti in this especially high quality battle. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: The sample´s from Harmony Korine´s Gummo. GREAT independent movie, although a little hardcore. If you liked Larry Clark´s Kids, you will like that one.

@borden HOT. This PWN oscillator is sexy. Loved the oldschool vibe of that one, that raw feeling.

@kln As always happens, one of my favorites. I really like your style, lots of respect! Great sample use, bassline and triplets (I really need to learn how to do this on the OP!). I should also praise the Numark PT-01: an amazing little turntable, with a great price. A good companion for the OP-1 :slight_smile:

@Tribrix Liked a lot the “kraftwerkian” vibe of your beat (however, with…smoother? keys). The composition is very well done, you always shows an impressive technique and control of the OP-1. I also thank you a lot for the kind words; and yes, you´re right, there´s a Cantaloop vibe on my beat (or Digable Planets).

@brunogola A true champion beat :slight_smile: Everything is so good: the drums programming, the ethereal vibe, the bass. Amazing variations, really well done.