Battle 36 - Stakes Is High

Can the next contest be 'nature sounds'? Try to make the sounds of nature and the animal kingdom without using the sampler.

If you win then you get to set the rules for the next competition :slight_smile:

@kln what a quality submission man !!


@LyingDalai - thanks! did you mean the rules for battle 36, or the battle 35 track? hope you can create something for this one, as i’ve quite enjoyed your others. good luck!

@kln liking this brief and going to get stuck in. It’s kinda the same brief that I’d always wanted to set if I ever won except the sources would be DJ Shadow and the music he’s sampled. So damn you :stuck_out_tongue: If I won I’d have to think of something different haha.

So many great DLS songs and sampled songs to be chosen from. So many classics, rarities and strangeties in there!

@LyingDalai - thanks! did you mean the rules for battle 36, or the battle 35 track? hope you can create something for this one, as i've quite enjoyed your others. good luck!

Right I’m not clear : I liked your track, but I loved your brief ^^

Can the next contest be 'nature sounds'? Try to make the sounds of nature and the animal kingdom without using the sampler.

Yo fella!

I managed to find this for you. It’s a link to an oldish thread that people used to share and encourage more battle ideas. I must say I do like the sound of your idea. Especially as the Op-1 has a built in mic so recording samples sitting in a park would also be easy and muchos funos!
I also like the sound of this battle, there are many gems to be found whilst traveling outside the realm of ones “comfort zone”.



submissions by sept 5, 23:59 PM (HST) - Aloha.

So September 06 at 04:59 (CT)?

^ planning a last minute late night to finish? :wink:

Most of the time the deadline isn’t an exact cut-off point. No one will be pulling together all the entries at midnight, it usually happens the next day. If you are a matter of hours late then it isn’t really going to matter.


yeah, i was just making a point to say that it was end of the day "globally" by allowing for folks at the end of the world's date/time cycle to be included. like those of us in Cali, for example. it just gives all others toward's the east of Hawaii additional time!

but as @spacetravelmadeeasy points out, entry deadlines aren't an exact science (in my experience either) on the forum.

Ah! Otay.

Hey @kln, although a little delayed, just came here now to praise you for the AMAZING battle idea :slight_smile: De La Soul (and ATCQ, Digable Planets, Jurassic 5, etc) was very important for me in my teens, when I started listening to american hip hop.

I got a lot of new stuff last month so I´m digging and studying the hardwares, but I´ll manage to make a beat for the battle!

@aeoner - thanks mate. looking forward to hearing your beat. always good stuff. and yeah, i’m excited to hear what folks do with the rules.

whether they take an old classic sample, boost it, flip it differently, etc…or its do something wildly different.

my love runs deep for many types and genres of music…but towards the top, is classic boom bap, for certain.

Very nice battle idea @kln, gotta find time to participate ^^

@kln When you say " all Drum engines can be used ", you talk about OP-1 drums only ? Is it possible to sample our proper drum sounds ?

@quarantequatre - I do mean OP-1 drumkits only.

however you are allowed to sample drums, as long as they belong to a track from De La Soul, or a track that De La Soul sampled. (there are quite a lot of great drum breaks to feed your OP-1 in this repertoire).

no external synth or drum machine drum sounds may be used, nor any live drums recorded via mic.

@kln And the op-1 drumkits on the official teenage engineering soundcloud page ?

@quarantequatre - sorry, only the built in ones on device, nothing external. (I encourage sampling some Funky Drummer, Impeach The President, et al, and making your own kit!)

@kln what a pity, i’ve began with an external drumkit :frowning:
I’m gonna try to find something similar in these tracks

i ended up making a track based on the rules. hope it serves as inspiration for others to finish up their tunes over the next couple weeks, and submit them for the vote. mine would not be included in the vote, but hope it is enjoyed by everyone just the same.

hope all y’all get your songs up soon! can’t wait to hear them!

in terms of how it was constructed:

sampled several original sources from songs that De La Soul sampled. if you are an enthusiast, i’m sure the samples will sound familiar.

i used 2 synth engines, Cluster & DSynth

i used a few extra drum sounds, to supplement and enhance the sampled drums, from the OP-1 built in kits.

i did not bounce any audio thru external effects.

hi everyone,
here´s my track/skit

first the outro of the bayate-song was recorded direct to tape
then overdubs were improvised by using string and dsynth-engines
the “drums” are hoartloax and the voice-samples came from one of the posted links above…
…no externals were used
hope you enjoy the skit