Battle 46: I Like Your Style - Voting

Alright everybody, it's time to rock the vote!

This one is slightly different in that there is an extra rule. The participants had to choose an artist/band to pastiche for this battle. They aren't allowed to tell anyone who their chosen artist is until somebody else is able to guess it. If anyone else correctly guesses the artist, the participant gets an extra vote added to their score. A few of the tracks were ID'd in the battle thread, but I imagine some more will get figured out in the voting thread. I'll try to keep this post updated with which ones have been guessed.


- Voting ends in 10 days. That's Midnight May 21st ET.
- Everyone can vote! Yes, you!
- Everyone can vote up to 3 times! wow! But not multiple votes for the same entry.
- There is no limit to guesses regarding the inspiration artists. Postulate with abandon.

Here are the entries:

@Zach_Lambert in the style of Portishead

@millbastard in the style of Radiohead

@lorddankmemeth in the style of Washed Out

@TiboDzi in the style of ???

@gentlemanhog in the style of Depeche Mode

@Servando in the style of Kraftwerk

@kln in the style of Beastie Boys

These following two tracks are honorable mentions, but aren't actually entries up for voting.

Here's me, @borden in the style of Tobacco (don't vote for it, I'm the host)

And allow me to introduce @shakyhand in the style of ???
This is @shakyhand's first battle, but they arranged the track in a DAW which disqualifies them from winning.
However, don't let that stop you from trying to guess the artist they're attempting to mimic!

Here’s a playlist for easy listening:

I wasn’t able to get your track in there @shakyhand, because it’s private on soundcloud.

Great tracks everybody - one can easily hear that we all had fun with the rules @borden put up! Thanks for that, buddy!!! Here are the three tracks that I liked best:

  1. @gentlemanhog (reminds me of my childhood and my sega gamegear / sonic!)
  2. @millbastard (love the voice, love the noise!)
  3. @kln (great double bass samples and nice rhythms!)

Unfortunately, I have no idea which artists have been pastiched in 1 & 3 or the rest of the still to be guessed tracks. Sorry!!! XD

I’m going to hazard some guesses:

<span style=“font-family: “lucida grande”, “Lucida Sans Unicode”, tahoma, sans-serif; font-style: normal; font-variant-ligatures: normal; font-variant-caps: normal; font-weight: normal; background-color: rgb(252, 252, 255);”>@gentlemanhog <span style=“font-family: “lucida grande”, “Lucida Sans Unicode”, tahoma, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; font-style: normal; font-variant-ligatures: normal; font-variant-caps: normal; font-weight: normal; color: rgb(37, 38, 30); background-color: rgb(252, 252, 255);”>- if your artist isn’t Depeche Mode (Speak & Spell era) I’ll eat two of my fingers. You get to pick which ones.
<span style=“color: rgb(37, 38, 30); font-family: “lucida grande”, “Lucida Sans Unicode”, tahoma, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; background-color: rgb(252, 252, 255);”>@TiboDzi - Shot in the dark: Sigur Ros?
<span style=“color: rgb(37, 38, 30); font-family: “lucida grande”, “Lucida Sans Unicode”, tahoma, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; background-color: rgb(252, 252, 255);”>@Servando - Sounds like Telex to me? Whatever is making the chords sounds like one of those 70s string synths.
@kln - I’m really not sure. I’m not super literate when it comes to hip hop. GZA maybe?
<span style=“color: rgb(37, 38, 30); font-family: “lucida grande”, “Lucida Sans Unicode”, tahoma, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; background-color: rgb(252, 252, 255);”>

@shakyhand - I’m getting some Todd Terje vibes, maybe?

@millbastard @borden

it was a hip hop inspired track, for sure. i suppose there could be quite a few different acts that have used a similar sound over the years. i did have a distinct act in mind when i made it, but i wasn’t thinking of ATCQ or GZA.

i imagined the sound of this act in my head as i made it. i only went back and actually listened to the act when i was finished and seems that i mashed up two of their tracks in my mind, but still feel like it is emulative and fits within the pastiche definition.

@borden Your fingers are safe as it is indeed the Basildon Boys. :slight_smile:

I like them all (mine sounds really stupid compared to the others :smiley: ) but anyway here’s my votes.

1. @Servando - I really like this one. No idea who it is, though. :confused:
2. @lorddankmemeth - Bits sounds a bit like early Boards of Canada-ish but don’t think it’s them. Really good though!
3. @Zach_Lambert - Incredible sounding! Amazing you got that from the OP-1.

@borden track is 100% op-1. Would love to have my juno always w me but it doesnt travel as good as op-1… the chords are dr wave with modulation in first param and filter.

How many 30+ among the audience? :wink:

First thought about yours @kln is EZ Rollers!

@Zach_Lambert - loved it! Great vibes, loads of interesting noises, lovely wide treatment on the drums. Massive fan of Portishead here. Remember hammering Dummy pretty much all the time in the mid 90’s, and love the other two albums too, what a great band. Got to see them for the first time in 2015 - magical!

@millbastard - wow, definitely picked up on the Radiohead stylings here. The voice is very Thom Yorke-esque even! Great production! Lucky me, I’m gonna get to see them in Glastonbury this summer, woohoo.

@lorddankmemeth - really chilled out tune, lovely. I also picked up a BoC vibe in there - was that ruled out?

@TiboDzi - nice and experimental, can’t quite think who it might be though… hmm…

@gentlemanhog - hehe, I see others already got it… I didn’t have a clue, I feel pretty ignorant about Depeche Mode - I need to do my homework. I really liked the track. It sounded quite video game-y, but in a good way.

@Servando - lovely sounds, nice chilled out tune - I keep thinking of mid-90’s Warp or something like Global Communication?

@kln - My best guess is EZ Rollers or Breakbeat Era. Great track whatever it is. Loved the double bass and flute samples… your tracks always get me inspired to create, which has gotta be a good thing! Great drum programming as usual!

@borden - Amazing track, really balanced production, top skills! Don’t know Tobacco, will have to check 'em out.

My votes are:

1) @kln
2) @Zach_Lambert
3) @Servando

@borden thanks for including me as an honorable mention. Lol. I’ll get it right next time.

Todd Terje is a good guess, but not exactly. :slight_smile:

@yoof Thanks for the reference but nop… :). It’s actually funny and productive to think that I sound like (…) I would have never imagined it myself but I’m getting inspired by the guesses. cheerz.

my votes for


nice work everyone! some really quality music here

@yoof @gentlemanhog not BoC all though I haven been inspired by them in the past. But I just found out after doing more research on the artist I pastiched that they just sampled a song from the 80s, slowed it down and added lyrics. So I guess in a way I pastiched 2 artists

So many impressive tracks, it’s hard to choose three! I won’t embarrass myself trying to guess artists.

1. @Zach_Lambert - Amazing craft. Super intimidating and inspiring. Also, bold choice of material. I wasn’t aware of Strange Fruit until Rebecca Ferguson’s announcement introduced me to it in January. I feel like your treatment is respectful and timely.
2. @lorddankmemeth - I found this one super pleasing. I really like the palette.
3, @millbastard - Intense track. Makes me want to get better.

@kln, I super dig yours, but I ran out of votes. @gentlemanhog, I LOVE your track. It’s cray fun and it makes me happy. It sounds great, and the arrangement is varied and interesting right to the end where it loses its mind. I feel lucky I can’t vote for @borden, because that would further complicate matters.

Great tracks !

Some comments and guesses:
@lorddankmemeth - really cool. inspiration from Bonobo ? something from Ninja Tune ?

@gentlemanhog - Great Depeche Mode Pastiche !

@Servando - i am 37, so if it something from the 90s, it's something i may/should have listened to it... I am really curious to know ! great track !

@kln - It sounds like "purrfect" from "Funky Porcini" and like some instumentals on "ill communication" of the Beastie Boys

@borden - Great track ! i've never heard of Tobacco or BMSR before, really cool !

@shakyhand : Nice ! maybe Lindstorm ?

Comment on my own pastiche : i should have choosen an artist easier to find and spend more time listening carrefully and trying to find how his/their sound is typical. This battle is good, the tracks are great and the guessing part is really fun ! Thanks @borden

My votes are for:
@Zach_Lambert (magical !)
@millbastard (magical !)
@kln (i dont know who you pastiched but it's fucking good !)

@TiboDzi - you got it man. Beastie Boys it is. i was thinking of Sure Shot and Root Down off of Ill Communication. nice work!

My votes:

@Zach_Lambert - nailed the portishead vibe
@kln - love the dusty sounds on this
@lorddankmemeth - really dug the muted ascending arp sound

Great battle!

SO MANY good tracks

@TiboDzi its not Bonobo. I want to give a hint but then its way to obvious

My votes
@kln - sounds like it came from an mpc
@Zach_Lambert - classic gold
@TiboDzi - something about this track made me listen to it more than just a few times, the ending sounds familiar but I dont listen to many artists so i cant gues