Battle 48: That's strange! - VOTING


Oh dam.Can’t even get it together to vote in time.
(internet was down where I am-didn’t help).
Enjoyed entries,just wasn’t exact on who to vote for in time.
Actually forgot it was 3 votes so that would of made it easier,wouldn’t of changed too much.
Well done folks!

@TiboDzi. I know I can vote up to thee times but I think it's less confusing (and less chance of triple / tie) to vote just one.. Even though sometimes is difficult to choose.. ;)

@Nozaihaus you got me intrigued about the casino sound.. :)


oops. didn’t realize the time difference was so great out here on the west coast. my vote would’ve been for @LyingDalai

great playlist though!


Oh, that’s nice and I’m really happy to be one of the three champions of this great battle but… who’s going to organize battle 49 now?


@Zach_Lambert That’s up to you. You could join forces and host the next battle together (meaning you’ll define the next battle rules together, and since you are so many, you should also allow the hosts to participate in the competition), or you may choose one of you to be the single host.

In the past there were already some cool host cooperations between two and three winners.


Congrats @jshell, @LyingDalai & @Zach_Lambert! And thanks @motone for organising a great battle!


Hmm, sounds good! Any ideas, @jshell and @LyingDalai?

Thanks, @vehka!


@Zach_Lambert I think you should discuss it “in private” :wink:


Wow, I have just arrived in my new place, no internet connection yet and still quite a few boxes to open ^^

Totally missed the votes, I’m very sorry.

Thanks everyone, and congratulations to every single operator that manage to post a track : I really love what I’ve been listening to !

@Zach_Lambert I think you should discuss it "in private" ;)

That was just a general question, buddy.


This was a nice battle again :slight_smile: Congrat to the winners!


I too missed voting. I listened through the playlist last week, and wanted to do the track by track thoughts. Not good with time lately…

CONGRATS to the winners. I love the music that comes from these battles! Thanks, everyone.