Battle 51 – One-Minute Wonders - VOTING


Hey thanks for the votes @bradthedesigner @yoof @ghostly606 . I lost track of voting on this one. Was planning on sitting down and listening to them all but just didn’t get around to it in time :frowning: busy time of the year and all that
Awesome battle challenge though.
Will have a listen through now though, the ones I have listened to were all really good


Congrats to the victors! Everyone was super dope.


Ok just to add my votes (even though its too late)

Every track was quality, so much fantastic stuff!

My winner:
@kohlberg - Almost Never - This is my winner, instantly head nodding to this… Then those pitched up vocal came in. Yes!! Very Blockhead type vibe on this one…

All considered as winner:

@kohlberg - Here’s The Thing - right up my alley soundwise, really enjoyed this!
Clean production also…

@yoof - Brussel Sprouts - Sounds amazing for OP1! so clean and heavy. Top marks for production. Great glitchy beat.

@yoof - Spinning Bird Kick - HAH this is dopeness… so good man! the bass at the end A+

@kohlberg - CWO Tipping - Another track with a clean heavy sound… Loved the clearness of this mix and the beat of course :slight_smile:

@Bradthedesigner - All Is Lost - epic wall of sounds… very nice melody

@dj_KLN - OP’s choice - So good again as all yours were.

@onidon - Looping cans - Oh yes! great one :slight_smile:


Whoah @MirEko! Much appreciated. :slight_smile: love blockhead