Battle 53 - DGROOVE


here is my submission…apologize for the length but I got to drumming on the D-Box and couldn’t stop. Followed the guidelines and used some of the suggested samples as well.



Here comes mine. Recorded and uploaded in train (ice to munic). Uploading with mobile phone and ravpower FileHub was the most complicating part.

Next try after audiocopy app uploaded the track but SoundCloud refuses to render it. I tried another 3 times to upload it with AudioShare and that finally worked. With track i tried to do a stereo arpeggios pattern.

Long time listener first time contender.
Enjoyed using both the dsynth and dbox. Didnt use any of the samples, didnt go to crazy, had my hands full of exploring sounds of the synth engines. :)


Started out bizarre, but followed a path that led to something a lot more low key


Whoops the world decided to go daylight saving time and I didn’t change my room clock.

Is this entry still eligible?

I don’t have the OP-1 that long and I mainly use it for sampling purposes into Ableton so this battle was great to struggle with some arrangement in the tape. Quite satisfied with the end result sound wise.
Hope you guys like it.


Hey that was an a real battle for me. At least with my efforts to do it not only with the D-Sound-Engins (which I tried to avoid a lot before the battle) but also to do the uploads with my mobile phone only (the ravpower file hub allows Computerless access to the OP-1). I discovered, that soundcloud does not allow uploads from IOS-Browsers or their app. But the audiocopy and audioshare app claim to be able to and audioshare was the only app that finally did it.
The D-Sound-Engines are capable of a lot of different sounds, but will mostly produce some noisy fm/am-sounds if untamed. When adjusting very slightly the parameters they work really great for a wide spectrum of sounds. With the Sequencers running I was also able to adjust the sounds in detail. Remembered, that he Dbox drumsounds can be selected with a sequencer running if you use shift+drumkey to select the sound I wanted to edit, which was a great help.

And finally there are a lot of great track to listen to in this battle.


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Excellent work, everyone! Meet me in the voting thread.



100% DBox. No resampling. But too late…