Battle 64 - the 64th battle

So… ten days left of this battle… how is everyone getting on ?!

I’ve been trying to make something out of a Duane Eddy guitar album from 1964, which is so far proving difficult… my OP1 sampling skills are rusty!

Here’s a work in progress mix!

I have collected a lot of '64 songs, and most of them are really good !
Still have to get some time to sample them, though… I can’t believe I haven’t had the time during the holidays !
I have a time problem. Lack of it so much.

The rules mention that external looper and FX can be used. Are we also allowed to use other instruments, too, along with OP-1? And where mixing/mastering should happen? Inside OP-1 or can external tools/DAW also be used?

You can sample an instrument using the OP1, but the idea is to use the OP1 as your main sound source.

If you use an external looper then you’ll be mixing using that, otherwise mixing in the OP1.

I’m not sure what the convention is with battles regarding mastering but i think a little bit of post processing on a PC is fine.


Good, I like to do some Jazz/ Bossa thing. Maybe I will record some outer gear then. But not too much…

This is the last weekend of the battle! I said Saturday 18th to finish, but I suppose it makes to go until Sunday 19th so that we have a full weekend.

I’m looking forward to hearing lots of 1964 history in action :slight_smile: Who’s got something in progress?

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I’ll try to put something together by Sunday evening!

As usual, I bet I’ll try to do something on Sunday evening…

I’m working on it…

i also am struggling to finish & appreciate the extra day…


Bit late adding this (!) but 45cat has a big list of songs from 1964 with links to YouTube videos where people have uploaded them.

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Here’s my entry.

The main sample is from I sampled a bit of it into a drum kit, recorded that kit whilst CWO was on, resampled the good bits into another kit, then made the Endless sequence.

An 808 drum kit is giving some support, using the same Endless sequence.

I played with various effects whilst recording, and then put the whole thing through the phone effect at the end as I recorded it to the A side.

Very silly, but I got some accidental syncopated sample rhythms going on. :slight_smile:

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My work of the last days:
My first Bossa Nova, check. The guitar is played by me into the bad opmic :upside_down_face: and then thrown into the drumsampler.
I didn’t use any of the sequencers, all played with my hands.
The strings I did with cluster.

The Original is from '64
“so danco samba” by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes

I gave it the name Candide, because I read it recently.


Couldn’t find a time to work on this, unfortunately :cry:

This is ace.

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Ok, was in Canada on vacation with my wife and made a commitment to not be on my phone, so recorded samples directly from the given website before we left direct into OP-1 line in and did editing from Spa Eastman…

slightly after midnight with delayed upload time to soundcloud (took 3 times before it would completely upload!) here on the U.S. East Coast, so accepting that you all may not accept but i would kick myself if i didn’t just throw it up there!

a few samples from 1964 and a treatise about the forgotten art of telegraphy:


Had to work late and didn’t have the energy to come up with an entry any more. =(

It’s late Monday morning here in Spain… so I think now it’s time to call the battle closed.

Well done all entrants! There are some creative interpretations of the rules here and some very interesting sounds!

I didn’t finish my entry either, but since I organized the battle i can’t properly enter anyway. You’ll have to wait til some other time to hear my Duane Eddy / Addams Family mashup.

I’ll get the voting thread going shortly!

Here is where you vote! Battle 64 - VOTING

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