Battle 79 - Anyone Can Play Guitar

Okay so I decided to make this one simple. The one condition is, you have to have some guitar in your track. You can play it yourself (guitar players, it’s your time to shine here) or you can sample it. Any style you want - acoustic folk, rock, jazz- doesn’t matter. Just try to make sure we can all tell it’s a guitar for at least one of your sounds. I’ve heard some forum members do some incredible things with sampling and playing the actual instruments, either one will work, or both! Tracks can be whatever length you want.

All submissions are due Saturday, March 5th, at high noon, your local time.
Best of luck.


I don’t have an OP-1 at home (it’s been in Germany for months now), but I’ll try to participate in an unofficial side/counter-battle with no OP-1 involved ^^

Hi, this track startet with a guitar-loop on the OP-1, recorded an OP-1 bass patch, Digitakt drums into the OP-1 and had a vibe going. Afterwards i finished it of in a DAW with some piano & slide guitar overdubs and a guitar solo solo. Hope you like it :blush:


Nice one, I’ll try to submit a track too! It’s been a while since I’ve participated in battles…

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is using a DAW fair game in this Battle? is an OP-1 required?

OP-1 Battle

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Made a cheesy song with Bill and Ted

op-1 track made with a drum kit, some synth sounds and samples from vinyl.

Hi guys,
I appreciated your feedback on my last track, so i upladed a new one.
Recorded my Fender Rhodes, Bass guitar and some guitar lines and chords into it, chopped it up and created a chill foundation. The Op-1 is so nice to chop with, you can really create something else of your guitar lines, when chopping.
Afterwards i tracked it in Ableton, added some OP-1 synth and a small guitar solo.
Hope you like it, enjoy! :slight_smile:


I thought I’d skip this battle, but then I noticed I had a guitar recording already on the OP-1. So fiddled around with getting the EQ right on the OP1. It’s a little too much high end now, but anyway.

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Had an old guitar bit of chords piece started last year on the OP-1 and filed the backup of it away; good thing i recycled it as when i went to add some lead, i found my A and D strings were snapped at the saddle! Pianet and Cluster engine bass, shaker “egg” and claps. Experimented with the “AudioThru” patch from this thread: Audio Thru OP-1 Sample Engine - OP-1 / Patches - OP Forums ( so that i could record my voice and guitar leads live along with the 4 tape tracks to album. Did do normalization and the fade out in Audacity.

#OP-1 #teenageengineering #battle79 #battle079 #anyonecanplayguitar #strummin


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Whew! It’s way past high noon here, almost midnight, but I evoke the old battle rule “Battle is still not over in Kiribati”…

Thanks @joeyfivecents for the battle brief! I suffered a nasty injury in my finger a year and a half ago and haven’t really been able to touch the guitar since, but now it’s finally better and I had a great time sampling and recording some classical guitar into the OP-1. Only equipment used besides OP-1 was Zoom H2n plugged into the mic input when I recorded the guitar bits.

Looking forward to listen what you’ve all done!

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At some point, hopefully tomorrow, I will get these all together in a playlist and open the polls. Good job everyone.

Off-topic: it’s back

So glad my good old noise machine is back home!