Battle 85 voting thread!

Hi everybody!
Here it is, the Battle 85 voting thread!

Voting closes in a week (Mar 24, 2023 00:00 EDT)

Here’s the SoundCloud playlist

Good luck to all who entered!

Great tunes everyone! “Teach the computer” had me hooked from the start and gets my vote.

Wish I coulda joined this one!!! Alas life had bigger plans for the past few months.

This was a very difficult choice, great work everyone!!! You made it really hard to vote

Ok, looks like @ssam will be leading us through the paces of Battle 86! Now that you’ve taught the computer, what will you teach us?


Wow, thanks for all your kind words about my tune everyone! I had an idea for a battle which I’ve now forgotten, lets see if it resurfaces over the next few days.


Here we go!