Battle Scraps


@Yoof gave me this idea. He posted some surplus material from one of the battles and titled the post 'battle scraps' if I recall correctly. I think it would be nice if we all had a place to post our bits and scraps from the battles without confusing the main battle or voting threads. This could be that very place!

That was a scrap the ended up going into reason for a little processing. All the audio is derived from the Operator though; primarily the FM and string engines. The "sea" is just radio static and nitro.

epic. nitro plus radio is a great trick thanks for this!

Ain’t nothin’ but a scrap!

Scrap 30 by - yoof - | Free Listening on SoundCloud

…but a quite nice scrap :slight_smile:

Great idea! :) Our precious junkyard <3

I scraped three beats this time, could be great If I saved one or two of them and uploaded here.

@yoof HIGH LEVEL scrap :) So good as that one you posted on the battle.