Best tutorial videos?

I am buying an OP-1 this weekend for the explicit purpose of being able to make music while travelling Europe with my gf. I have a few LONG plane rides ahead of me, and I'd love to know if anyone can point me in the direction of some great OP-1 tutorials... Aside from the basic functions of the unit, I'd love to learn about the following stuff:

  • Can you side-chain stuff on the OP-1?
  • Making triplet beats?
  • Is there anything like MIDI drawing in a DAW on the OP-1?
  • Can you Quantize performances?
  • Is there a way to cheat more than 4 tracks out of it?
  • Best way to record vocals with it?
  • Fastest/most efficient way to save songs? (I have a samsung tablet and a macbook, haven't decided which I will bring with me on my trip)

I know that the whole point of the OP-1 is to work within the limitations of the unit, (and that excites me because I love a good challenge) so I realize some of my questions might be unanswerable, but any links would be appreciated!


Sidechain: no, but you can ride the compressor for a bit of duck… not really satisfactory imo.
Triplets: endless sequencer can, turn blue knob to to 8T, 16T or 32T
MIDI drawing: ??? (I’m mostly DAW-illiterate) There are multiple sequencers, sketch will draw patterns. But no parameter automation.
Quantize: No quantization of inputs.
More than 4 tracks: there are ways to downmix multiple tracks to one. My personal preference is to shift+lift the region (gets all 4 tracks), drop into one of the samplers (mixes all tracks into the sample), record it back to a single track.
Vocals: Probably best with an external mic, but the internal mic is quite good imo.
Saving: there are two album tracks you can record to (6 min each.) You’ll need something with USB host to copy the files over with. It uses mass storage.

There’s no Midi Draw - But the Pattern Sequencer is kind of like it. There’s also the Sketch Sequencer but that can be kinda crazy.

Quantize - If you are using any of the internal sequencers/effects then things will be quantized in time but not necessarily in time with the main clock - depends how good your timing is :wink:

Cheat 4+ Tracks - keep "bouncing down"

Saving - Macbook would probably be easiest. You are basically just copying folders from op-1 to mac. Keep an archive of your backups. Also you can go to the OP-1 patch archive online (you’ll find the link around here somewhere) so you can downloads all sorts of samples or presets and keep them on your computer to transfer on/off the op-1 as you wish.

There’s a decent amount of tutorials from TE and other people on YouTube.

See the tips thread on this site - it’s got a lot of stuff that wont be in the videos.

Saving songs -RAVpower file hub RP-WD01 is a nice mobile SD card storage operated via an app that your Samsung should run.Battery back up too.

Hey thanks for all the responses guys! I got the OP-1 two days ago and am loving it so far :slight_smile: