Best UK price I’ve found for a new OP-1 £1040 Juno

I’ve been considering getting an OP-1 but have decided to wait until the new year when I’ll have a better handle on my finances. Anyway, I thought I’d let people know that the best price I’ve seen in the UK is £1040 through Juno. They have some in stock. You have to do the “ask for a better price” feature to get it at that price. I also saw a 2nd hand one go for £1020 yesterday on eBay. Crazy, when you can get a new one for £20 more!

Got mine from Juno 3 months ago, was very surprised (iirc it was about £150 cheaper than other UK shops I could find, not just a £5-10 difference).
Also, the people at Juno are super nice and extremely patient while you go around the show room drooling over everything :slight_smile: