Best way to get a mono output on OP1?

Hey you guys,

I want to run my op1 output in mono- what’s the best way to do this?

Why would you do that ?

Anyway, the best thing it to get (or build) a Y-cable.
It’s always useful when you need to plug your OP-1 to a mixer…

You could just crank all the mixes to hard left or hard right…

But not a mix…

Stereo jack to two mono Y cable is a great thing to use with the OP-1.

You can send some channels to Left, Some to Right and Effects with the Mixer Sends to them individually.

Thanks! Yeah, the y cable/pan combo makes the most sense. But…will that make the master effects sound weird?

Sorry to butt in, but just a clarifying question: if you go from a TRS stereo jack into the OP-1 to a TS mono jack into a mono mixer input, will all of the sonic content from the OP-1 go into the mixer?

From what I understand you may lose a channel, as some of the TRS -> TS cables either lift one pin, or tie it to ground. You can use a crude summing mixer to do this Stereo -> Mono Summing.

This is what the Korg Monotron Delay does by using 2x resistors of the same value to sum up the signals (passively mixing 2 channels together -> in this case L & R from the TRS).

I’ve attached a link to show this:

Definitely easiest to just hard pan the signals to L/R respectively, and use separate Mono channels on your mixer for input.

Thanks, @picoVolt. Perfectly explained and illustrated.

No problem @SFKeydel. Just a quick google with the right terminology, and you can get all kinds of reliable info/examples from the Internet :smiley: