Bim, Bam or Heat // which one first?

So paycheck day is coming and i want to buy all three.

But which one would you start with? only one can be purchased per month which seems better anyway.

I have no other FX units btw apart a zoom CDR which i consider as a (very tasty indeed) appetizer
now i want the real deal please

Setup is A4+AR+OP
The AH would probably glue the whole thing together but i feel the OP-1 would shine with a nice spatializer unit

The Bam fills a bigger gap for me, as I love the OP-1 delay but find the spring reverb an acquired taste. Bim and Bam are both impressively deep. You’ll love how immediate and playable they are compared to the Zoom pedal.

That said, I’ve been super tempted with the Heat. I had grand plans to go all OTO effect-wise (also own a Biscuit), but I’m losing patience with the development of the Boum. The AH would scratch that itch in the meantime.

haha i’ve been waiting for boum forever too and was thinking of getting it first but then i convinced myself that both boum and AH should pair greatly together, one at the beginning of the FX chain and one at the end.

why wait any longer here goes my shopping frenzy

thanks for your input :slight_smile:

Those are the three effects units I currently use (+ Biscuit). You have some form of delay and reverb in what you have already, so Heat might be good. I have enjoyed it much more than I was expecting.

Bim is very useful and quite versatile though, and provides some decent saturation/distortion as well. Before I got the Heat I was using Bim in a similar manner (though I love the EQ on Heat), running my mixes through it 100% wet with some added input gain.

Bam is incredible but I don’t use reverb very much. You won’t go wrong with any of them.

None : try first to use your OP-1 through the A4, it’s really nice.

You can use directly through A4 inputs, but also route it to a track, and here use A4 filters.

Good thing with Heat, in this regard, is that you have auto envelopes, but with A4 you just have to put some trig where you want to open the filters.
The filter overdrive really add something, I found. And A4 FX are quite decent IMO :slight_smile: