Thought I’d start a thread where we can throw in any music making / gear / software Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals we see.

Post up title of deal & discount/offer and the website address.

Please don’t use the thread for chat and discussion.
Good to keep a nice clean thread so we can find goodies quick n easy!


So, the obvious one is …

Teenage Engineering 15%+ Off Everything

Native Instruments - 50% OFF Thanksgiving Deals (5 Days Only)

Bought Animoog and Xynthesizr today from iTunes, both are on sale. Also on sale at least ScaleGen and Waldorf Nave, and the VirSyn stuff…

How long is the sale on the teenage engineering page for?

Yes this perfect! Good thinking @spacetravelmadeeasy

I’m looking for some good deals on pedals, vocal processing, moog stuff, etc.

This looks like a pretty good one minibrute $ 396

Elektron machines -15% starting today until Dec 14th. Not sure whether from dealers also, but at least from their own webshop.

FYI on the Elektron front. In the UK you'd be £1061 for a Rytm from Elektron (without postage - do they charge?).

DV247 charge £1099 without postage.

And Red Dog Music will beat any other UK prices by 5%.
So if you are close to one of their stores you'll get a Rytm for £1044.
... a better deal than from elektron direct!

The company I work for is having major sales all weekend:

Some manufacturers don’t allow us to use a coupon code on their products. If you find something you want and the code doesn’t work, call our call center and you can get a great deal - 1-800-IN-A-BAND 1-800-462-2263

Happy shopping!

I just ordered the OP-1 from Musician’s Friend for $721.65 new. Black Friday sale with 15% off. Free shipping and no tax. At checkout, use coupon code "BLACK14"

I wanted one for so long and finally will get one!

Just ordered mine from Control Voltage in Portland, OR. Should be at my spot in Seattle on Monday. I’m very excited to see what this thing can do and how it will integrate into my Elektron set-up!

Korg Gadget is 25% off in the App Store

Elektron @ Thomann is cheaper then Elektron’s store

Wish I had a few presidents frowning in my pocket…
Guess I wouldn’t know which one choose, though ^^

Anyone get anything good? Music related, I only got the Zoom H1 recorder (white)

I didn’t get a damn thing :frowning:

NI extended their sale for two days, so it’s still going.

I got a pair of cold weather gloves - the kind that lets you use a touchscreen device with the index finger. $100 iTunes card from eBay for $75. Bunch of apps.

I looked for the Apple keyboard w/ numeric keypad to replace the Bluettooth one that came with my iMac but no sales to be found. No deals on iConnectMIDI4+ either, except possibly Guitar Center, but they have 15% off deals several times a year.

omg OMG, I’ve got my op-1 from Musician’s Friend as well, an open box device with the Black friday 15% off!! 577$
I’m a happy boy now, it’s arriving tomorrow!

Congrats @pauk! That’s a bargain!

I got Traktor and Supercharger Compressor from NI and that’s it.

I got an anti-black Friday deal : iConnect 4+L paid brand new, arrived B-Stock (the screws show the box has been opened once).

I’m quite disappointed as I had a day free to play with it, Octatrack+Volcas+Op-1 to get the Battle #28 done… I’ll have to wait for a whole week at least for a new one :frowning:

I usually get a bunch of discs for $4 on Blu Friday, as I like to call it.

Last year I got my daughter a digital piano with fully weighted Keys for $200. Nothing musical this year.