Blackbox connectivity

Hi new Op1 user here
Trying to figure out the best way to pair the OP with the Blackbox if anyone here using this combo?
Ideally would like the BB to slave to Op so if I drop tape speed on Op1 the BB will stay in time…but I would have to use clock presumably?
Running BB as the master seems the easier option but I can’t figure out how messing with tape speed would translate when synced to BB in this way
Thanks in adv

IME OP1 works better as master when syncing clock

I have a Blackbox and recently got an op1. I’m interested in how people are using the two together as well.

Currently am flipping samples between the units without midi integration, bouncing BB jams to Op tape, the OP compressor/drive is great and the tape tricks are good too, I find the BB easier to work on probably because I know it better, I guess the optimum set up would be OP as the master in control mode over usb midi with the ability to assign BB filter and effects to the encoders and using the op keys to fire pads and key groups and hopefully keeping it all locked in when tape speed is dropped

Had a prod at it today and couldn’t get the op to see the BB sync EXT wasn’t showing as an option on metronome screen

Did get op1 keys firing single hits and loops on the BB which is fun
Change midi channels and you can fire key groups from keys and sequencers, also fun
Did note turning off charge on usb didn’t do much and op was still charging from the BB but no noise issues whatsoever

Tape has to be at the start to fire the BB transport which could get a bit boring on longer passages but all in it’s a powerful ok combo for such a small footprint
The BB sends clock too so can run the po33 with that going into the monitor in
And all running into OP audio in