Bounce with master fx/drive/compression

Was thinking I’d do this via album and drop back on to tape but doesn’t look like I can lift/drop album even if I only record short sections to it.
What’s best way to do what I’m trying to with a different workaround?

You could play back the album with the ear and record that to tape, right?

@borden thanks! I feel stupid :wink:

Also, is there a way to have album auto-start recording when I hit tape play or does just pressing both ‘album rec’ and ‘tape play’ at same time work tight enough for people?

And vice versa - ‘tape record’ auto start when album play begins?

Tried recording from album to tape and getting weird behavior where if I start album then switch to tape and hit record + play it works fine. But if I hold tape record, then switch to album screen, then hit tape play + album play simultaneously, I switch back to tape screen and the tape is ‘recording’ and rec level monitor is showing the album levels etc, but when I stop tape and listen back it’s silence? Confused…

OK, got it working, not sure what was happening before but seems OK now.

Think I understand - Tape and album won’t both be audible simultaneously. Before I was recording the loop from album to tape then hitting play at the end of loop to stop tape recording, but tape continued playing, the album was also still playing ‘silence’ so it seemed like the tape hadn’t recorded the loop. After I stop album I can hear tape again. All good :wink:

I think you can bounce a Tape loop that is <12s with your master FX + Drive by lifting all your tracks and dropping them in the Synth Sampler.

For bigger loops however, going back and forth from Album to Tape may be the solution.
One thing I can think of : you might play with the files from a computer (or any external OP-1 fil handling solution), and rename album/side_a.aif in tape/track_1.aif
You should get the same result in a quicker way, no ?
But of course, it’s not 100% ITB :wink:

I’m glad you trouble shooted that problem ,handy :slight_smile:

I dont bounce to album, I always use ear to 4th track. It stays in sync and is quicker.
You can overdub stuff, even a track onto itself, so sometimes I mute the destination track.
If source mixer channel is set to 80 and orange level on tape is max ,then there is an equal volume bounce (If maintaining mix is important ie jumping tracks mid loop).

I’ve had fun maxing and cutting eqs on numerous bouncers through heavey drive settings to create pumps.
Like have a pad track and an 808 kick track. Blast them together through an extreme bass & drive boost bounce,Then bounce with bass cut and mix with original tracks to taist.

@Spheric_El thanks for the insights :slight_smile: so bouncing to tape track via ‘ear’ records master fx/drive? For some reason I didn’t think it did. that’s useful to know :slight_smile:

I’ll probably still often use bounce to album as that way I can have a 4 or 8 bar loop playing and quickly record a ton of variations with mutes/solos and fx tweaks etc to album. Then record that back in to tape and cut it in to loops again or whatever. If I do that via bouncing via tape ear I’ll have to duplicate the loop before I bounce/perform each variation, though maybe each method would all balance out in pros and cons?

Pressing tape play/rec and album play/rec at same time to keep sync seems to work so far. Surprised there isn’t a totally solid function for it in the OS tho.

@lyingdalai thanks for the tips dude :slight_smile: yeah some of this stuff would definitely be easier transferred to daw to structure/edit! Just trying to stay in the box for the battle track and teach myself a little more/find a workflow for when I don’t have a computer near. I’ll probably go hybrid in normal situations :wink:

Sound. Yes bouncing to album gives you access to tape tricks like stop and rewind.