Brand new OP-1 appears to have died (white screen)


Has anyone ever had this happen? I received my brand new OP-1, turned it on, and then plugged in the USB cable to charge it (per the manual). I was playing around with it for about an hour, reading along with the manual, when the screen suddenly faded to white. Attaching a photo.

The entire unit is unresponsive. I’ve tried doing a factory reset. Have not yet “recalibrated” the battery, as I’ve read about elsewhere. Sent an email to TE.

Kind of a bummer. Hoping there’s an easier fix than just returning it for a new unit…


So you can access TE-BOOT (holding COM when switching on)?

Try updating the firmware.

Thanks. Nope, can’t do anything. When I turn it on, it just turns white like that.

I’m trying to drain the battery out and then plug it in and do a factory reset.

If I can get something to show on the screen again, I guess I can try updating the firmware as well…

If you boot up normally and hit the synth button, can you hear some tones when you play the keyboard?

So if I turn it on with the USB cable plugged in: nothing happens if I press any keys.

If I take the USB cable out and turn it on: nothing happens if I press any keys.

HOWEVER, if I leave it on for a while, just on battery: it will make sound when I press keys. I just can’t see what’s going on because the screen is all white.

Any ideas?

What exactly is “a while”? Some seconds? A minute?

My guess is that the connector to the display is loose. If it’s still under warranty, I’d send it back for repair / replacement.

OK, yeah I’ve only had it a couple days so I’m returning it.

Thank you for the suggestions. I appreciate it.

Hey, did you manage to solve the problem ?

I have the same issue ! :frowning: