Brand new Op-1 is not working

So… right… I had a rough day.
And right… I had to drive 300 km to get a brand new Op-1.
And guess what…I am not even possible to switch this thing on.

I read the instructions. I tried to charge the Synth via two USB-Charger for a couple of hours. I hook it to a Mac, Windows and even a Linux System. I changed the cable.
I pressed the help, the OK and every other button. Nothing changed. The device is still dead.

1k for a brand new device and I am not able to switch it on? Really?
I bought a lot of stuff due the last years and yes… sometimes a device stopped working after a while. But buying a faulty device in a middle class price range is something that makes me pretty upset.

I don´t even know why I write something like this down.
Probably because my girfriend won´t understand my mood. Probably I am hoping to receive a tip that let me have some fun with the Op-1. I don´t know.
Probably it was just a rough day with an unpleasant end.

I feel for you mate. When plugged in do the lights near the mic do a cycle?

I had the same problem with a brand new OP only a couple months ago. Don’t waste your time, send it back.

Thanks for the reply.

No lights no nothing. Even after 8 hours of charging.

In the meantime… I read something like “had the same problem” quite often. I mean… if a company sells millions of devices the probability of negative comments grows. Law of large numbers. Statistics. But… it might be a sign that TE has a sloppy quality management.

In the meantime... I read something like "had the same problem" quite often. I mean... if a company sells millions of devices the probability of negative comments grows. Law of large numbers. Statistics. But... it might be a sign that TE has a sloppy quality management.
I understand your position well. When I switched to Apple computers a decade ago, it wasn't a smooth transition. The first 5+ iMacs I got had a screen defect. The forums are consistently rife with vitriolic condemnation of defects when new products are released. But the statistics speak well for their products, with reliability metrics better than all their competitors.

Given that the overall build quality and attentiveness to detail of the OP-1 far exceeds that of any of my other instruments (including a Moog Sub 37, from a company undeservedly venerated for supposedly high quality craftsmanship, and a Kawai piano) I have, if qualitative traits suggest reliability, then maybe you're just part of the unlucky minority. Hopefully it's just that.

Since it doesn't work after a long charge, it does seem a replacement would be necessary.

This is going to sound dumb, but did you give it a few seconds to power up? When I first got mine, I kept impatiently toggling the switch and thinking it was broken, not realizing that it takes a few seconds to start the boot process.

Also, try holding the com button as you power it on, which triggers a diagnostic mode.

@Kazio: sorry to hear you are having problems with your unit. A few things to try: 1. Charge using a phone charger and leave it to charge overnight. 2. Then try switching it on while holding down the COM button (are you able to boot into this screen?) 3. If you are able to get into the boot screen, do a firmware upload with the latest OS from TE’s website. Let me know how you get on.

Hey guys,

thanks for all the replies.

Well… after a whole night of charging the OP-1 with a phone charger it was still dead. So I packed up the unit and drove another 300 km to the music store. Luckily they replaced the broken one with… tamtam… a new and working OP-1.

So yes… it seems like I was part of the “unlucky minority” (again). I had also several problems with Apple like LibertineLush last year and problems with a Microbrute this year. Let`s wait and see what the new year brings :slight_smile:

Let’s hope it brings an end to your bad luck with gear. At least all is well now on the OP-1 front.