Brand new OP-1 issue with key and speaker noise


Once a week??? Can i quote you on that???


its not as easy as you think…TE will not make any refund unless they check the machine etc etc…wich could take…as long as they want…they check emaiks whenever they want, they pick up returnee stuff whenever they want. In europe this is illegal and you would have gotten your money back or a new item within 14 days max. The op1 is LISTED IN STOCK. They could send you one tommorow if they wished. If they didnt refund or replace within this time you could sue them. The law is like that for a simple reason. In effect you have given TE 1.400 euros and they keep it as they please. Invest it, put in the bank or whatever. They have your money AND your machine. Its plain ilegall afrer 14 days


Dude relax
take a breath
serenity now. :wink: