Brand new OP1, I can get sound, but screen not turning on?

I just received one of these brand new today – bought on Amazon. Charged for a few hours, switched on. I can get sounds out of it, but the screen does not turn on. Any advice? This is killing me because I’ve waited for one for so long – and I’m almost positive I’ll have to wait another few months if I need to return the thing. Any ideas? This is so disheartening :frowning:

Try a different USB cable, different charger, & turn it off & on a few times.

Seems to be the same issue here:

Does the TE-BOOT mode work? Hold COM key and switch on. If TE-BOOT screen appears, follow the firmware upgrade procedure.

If not, the OLED might be dead, or simply a loose connector cable. Either way, you’ll have to return it.

I tried. Unfortunately, I had to return it. Looking closely at the screen, it looks like this thing shipped with a screen that was cracked on the back-end – which I could see with the light at the right angle. I had to return it – it really sucks because there are literally no replacements out there, so I will have to wait months to find another one in stock.

TE – If you’re reading this, please do a better job of quality checking your devices as they leave the factory line. In this case – it would have been a matter of checking to see if the screen turned on. I’m very apprehensive about moving forward on future products, since they take months to find (doesn’t seem like you can keep up with the demand now that you’ve developed a whole set of new products… speakers and such).

Really devastated