Brand new to the OP1 and MIDI. Its my second digital Keyboard

Just got my OP1-F today and I’m very excited. I’ve been playing normal piano since i was a kid, and i got my first digital keyboard when about 5 years ago. A used Yamaha PSR-295. Is there any way to connect a velocity sensitive keyboard with more keys? Also I’m trying to find videos but not much luck, can’t figure out how to record incoming samples. Is it possible to have two effects on at once, like mother and delay?
Any more useful tips for a complete OP-1 Noob. I will say it’s easy to jam on though, almost like a Stratocaster or a Steinway it almost plays itself.

I now have the Op-1 F, several Pocket operators, boss effect pedals and a stereo rc-500 looper.
most instruments except blowing and brass instruments as those are the only ones i have trouble playing proficiently. If anyone wants to jam I’m up.

Hi there, I’m relatively new to OP1 as well - decided to dive in with two of them because I’m a nutcase like that.

You can use a velocity sensitive keyboard by connecting it over USB-C to OP1F. Go to the COM menu (SHIFT+COM) then press T1 to access Midi configuration. Set notes to IN and it should be receiving from the keyboard at that point. On synths and drums you can also set up a velocity LFO to control other parameters.

You can have two effects on the unit simultaneously: a Synth/Drum effect, and Master effect. If you want more than that you will need to resample.

As for sampling, there are three main methods.

  1. Go to Synth, change engine to Sampler, then press the microphone button. Select input using blue encoder. Hold down the key you want to be your root note, then begin sampling.
  2. Same thing but using the Drum sampler…
  3. Finally you can sample to tape using line input as well! Just press shift+mic and select your input. When you exit this menu, press mic again to open the input and you can monitor it live in addition to whatever is playing on synths/tape.
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