Breath control

Remember that video where TE people played on stage and had some flute-like attachment for OP1? And then someone said it’s a bad idea, because it will kill the microphone?

Well, I just had a couple of thought in that regard.

- The exhaled air just needs to make noise, so the microphone itself can be fully covered with the attachment and safe.
- You could just plug in an external mic or some other breath control device.

But, what would you modulate? I tried two things.

- Created a 0-sustain envelope with not attack or decay and modulated the sustain.
- Used Grid with white param turned all the way down and red param turned all the way up. That effectively mutes the sound. Then I modulate the red param with negative values.

The result is somewhat interesting, but very noisy. I’m thinking what would work better than those two.

Random note: sliding my finger over the microphone made what is probably the best vinyl scratch simulations I managed to produce.

Maybe the TE thing works like a whistle, generating a low pitch modulation signal… or maybe they were using a custom firmware on that presentation.