Broken Op1 output board - free to good home (uk)

Doing a clear out and was going to chuck my old broken op1 output board. Would anyone in the uk have a use for it? You would just have to cover postage costs.

Edit - it’s my original output board, replaced by my new Ifixit board of course. The mic / line in was broken.

That’s a recurrent failure on the OP-1, or this just concern some serials ?
I’ve seen that’s sold out on iFixit…

It is a common failure, not sure if it is limited to some serials or not. My ifixit board fixed it easily, was £50 or so, about a year ago. Some clever circuit bending type might have a use for the old one, maybe not.

Are you in Glasgow from memory? If so, then I wouldn’t mind taking it. I split my time between Glasgow and Northern Ireland and have a very good friend in NI who designs, builds and fixes synths. I’d like to use the opportunity to do a bit of analysis on this common fault and see if there is a way to ‘patternize’ a fix for all of us.


In Dundee but in Glasgow approx once a month with work. Happy to just drop you a message next time I am there or can pop in the post.

Yep perfect thanks No rush. I go back and forward to NI all the time. Give me a shout sometime after 5th Mar.


Ok, it’s yours. Will drop you a line when I know when I’m next through.

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: