Broken output jack

I was playing a show with a 1/4th to 1/8 adapter and it bent and broke out the white piece in the output jack. When I test the sound , it comes out mono. If I order the replacement jack board, would that fix the mono issue?

Yes, very likely… did you order the connector board from iFixIt or from TE?

Which is the best route to go? I haven’t ordered yet. Also I greatly appreciate the response.

Try asking TE first… they will likely direct you to iFixit. Sorry, it is not clear to me what is the best option, in case both are available. Some people seem to think bad of iFixit because their boards are listed as “untested”. Some also complained that they don’t ship to certain countries.

+1 @punji, if you can convince them to send it to you directly you might even be able to save on cash too - since its marked up higher on iFixit. I was lucky enough to get it directly, right before they opened sales of ifixit to the U.S.

Hoes does iFixit have so many “used” io boards? They’re showing 16 atm. It’s like they’re just marking them that way so they don’t have to deal with returns -_-

I’d never give anyone $50 if they won’t accept returns, on the off chance I get it DOA.

I think poorly of them because they say “untested” and “as is” and “no returns or refunds.” If they would let me return a dead board I’d be a lot more willing to part with my gold, and less inclined to think ill of them.