Buy local or directly from TE?

I am wondering if there is any advantage to buying an OP-1 directly from TE vs. buying from a US based store? Does it affect the warranty in any way? I was surprised to see that they only come with a 1 year warranty, given that in the EU it is commonly 2 (3?) years?

Thanks for your insights.

Well i guess EVERYONE will advise you not to buy directly from TE. More so when you live in the US because of shipping distance in case of warranty alone.

From what I read the TE Support is good but veeeery very slow.


Buy from somewhere whose returns process is quick and stressfree. This is NOT TE in my experience.


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I highly recommend buying from a retailer, too.

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I have bought TE gear both directly and from US retailers. Sometimes TE will get things in stock sooner than local retailers. But, recently, I have seen local retailers offer discount codes and bundles which are a great value. So, I would look into local retailers for that reason in addition to warranty, exchange and return reasons.

Thank you so much for your advice. It sounds like a local retailer is the way to go since I am in the US currently. Do you know if there is a difference in warranty? somehow warranties are often much shorter in the US than they would be in the EU?


Sure thing. The TE warranty should be the same in the US. If you buy from an authorized dealer, they should uphold the factory warranty. I like companies like B&H and Sweetwater as they tend to have occasional deals and good customer service. With that said, I got my OP1 via Guitar Center and they gave me a discount. It doesn’t hurt to ask for a discount.

That’s good to know. I bought my OP-Z through Russo Music and made good experiences there as well. So will look into that option.

All my TE stuff is from Sweetwater because they double the warranty. I’d rather mail to them and get a new unit over mailing overseas for tech support + time without my device.