Buying a second hand OP-1

I’m really close to buy a used OP-1. Even though the seller assure it’s in perfect condition, can you guys tell me what are the 4-5 most important thing to check on the OP-1 before I buy it ?

Extra question : Do you know if I should wait next NAMM before I buy this awesome product and see if there’s a hardware update ?

Cheers !

make sure all inputs, outputs work.
All keys…

Hi @modraw I had the same question few months ago, here is the link to the topic:

Hope it helps!

Thanks for the link !


If the seller ensures it is in perfect condition I’d take the plunge. I bought mine so I can’t tell you exactly what you might need to look for when buying second hand. I do know that this thing is built like a brick shit house and can take a beating. If you look up the materials used you will see that navy seals won’t even be disappointed.

In my humble opinion there is no way there will be a hardware update. TA’s approach and style would be compromised. I don’t like even saying that as I’m sure they haven’t concentrated that much on the ands ifs and buts of their actions.

When all is said and done it’s an amazing piece of luxury and you should BUY IT!!

A 2nd hand machine is well worth price.As is.
If a new V 2 comes along,save up for that aswell.Have both.seriously.

***HMD flashes lashes at Spheric_El and says “I would do exactly the same thing!”