Can Anyone Confirm OP-Z Feedback in App?

i’m trying to get DMX light control working. i’ve confirmed my entire setup works as separate parts -> enttec dmx usb pro, dmx lights, latest op-z firmware. however, i can’t get anything out of the op-z to the lights for some reason. i can edit the .json file on the op-z and have confirmed it updates appropriately.

when i connect op-z to the ios app everything works as normal- motion track, other encoder and button feedback. however, when i’m on the light sequence track page of the app i’m not getting any visual feedback at all even though on the op-z itself the led’s are running on the keys as they should.

can anyone who has the app confirm that when you’re on the light track page you are getting visual feedback on the 16 black dots on the ios screen?? alternatively, i wonder if anyone who got DMX working also checked the app to see if they had visual feedback there?

Confirmed, same here. I saw some guy playing around with the lights inside the app, I probably haven’t spent more than five minutes on the light settings, so I haven’t done much research other than confirming what you are saying, no visual feedback on the 16 black dots in app.

Hey instantjuggler,

How did you edit the dmx.json file, I am quite new to dmx and editing json files, can you copy paste(or pm) me yours. So I can have an idea how to edit this file. I think for now this is what stops me from sending it to my dmx lights.
To answer your question it has always been black in the app on my side, all the rest works flawless…
Even though I hear yours is also not working I would be very interested to see yours for inspiration.
It is very hard to find any documentation on this, sorry for this question… my bad
If anyone else knows more about editing the dmx.json file please feel free to share or discuss…

I can confirm that there is no feedback in in the app as well (even though control data is being sent to the DMX light fixtures themselves), maybe this happened with the past update? I know it worked before but I didn’t really play around with the DMX track in the app for a while until just now.

Just checked on the new firmware and the latest app and can confirm there is feedback for the lights in the app now

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