Can I update firmware via the disk mode

Hey all,
I have an Op-1 that has that buggy 225 firmware. It plays but there’s a couple issues. I think they might be fixed with a firmware update, but the big issue is I can’t get to the boot/update screen. When I turn it on in holding COM there’s just a black screen. I’ve tried waiting to see if it shows up, also tried slowly going through the motions, I’ve even tried a battery recalibration, just in case that would reset other issues. Nada.
A possible glimmer of hope is that I can get it to show up as an unnamed drive on my MacBook while in DISK mode. I’ve tried dropping in the te-boot-fix (and with out the “-“s) file that was suggested in another post and doing the eject and restart, but that didn’t do anything. I also tried dropping in the newest firmware version and doing an eject and restart. That didn’t do it either. I’m thinking there might be a way to install firmware through the DISK mode though. Any suggestions welcome.

Follow up question:
My last resort is to send it in to get the DSP reflashed. Has anyone used the guys in NJ that are recommended on the TE website for repairs?

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