Can I upgrade/upload samples to OP-Z without a computer?


Will get my OP-Z next week in Japan, where I´ll do some lives with my Pocket Operators and - hopefully - the OP-Z! :smiley: However, I´ll not bring my computer. What can I do with an Android smartphone and the OP-Z? Its possible to update it and/or load samples? What homework should I do before to make everything smooth?

My android can see the op-z filesystem when I boot it to content mode. I can load any drum kit, or sample synth patch from with just the android. There is a 3rd party op-1 app in the google play store that can make drum kits. The developer is working on adding some op-z functionality, but I have no clue what features they are working on or when they will be ready.

With android’s ability to see a usb file system I really wish the TE will port their app to android.