Can’t find input source

Hey all

Just got an OP-Z a couple days ago and it’s pretty freakin’ fun. I installed the latest update to give me sampling capability but for some strange reason when I go to the input select I only have the onboard mic as an option. Even the number buttons… only number 1 is lit up. 2 and 3 are dark. Am i missing something?

they’ll light up as soon as you plug in an irig2, or Computer where you also have to make sure the Op-Z is your sound card.

You have to have other sources plugged in silly. Its not gonna show you a mic input if you got no mic attached

Ahhh ok great, thank you. So next question - Does it have to be an iRig? I can’t just plug out of a field mixer and into the op-z?

i would not recommend a field mixer (only) because it probably outputs in line or headphone level, which will damage the opz ADC which is only mic level. The iRig has attenuation circuitry to lower instrument level to mic level (and change the impedence too) but it also has a gain knob and i have found with a line output device level lowered it can safely run into the iRig. So you could run a synth or field recorder into the iRig. There are also attenuation cables that run a TRS female into a TRRS male and they have the circuitry built in.

Ohhh I see. My mixer (Sound devices 302) has variable output so it can go down as far as mic level (-30db) but i guess the key difference is the iRig2 matches the impedance like a DI box and has the TRRS Output. Plugging out of the mixer and into the OP-Z did not work; input 2 was still dark. So there ya have it. I’m gonna have to buy an iRig2. Thanks, dudes :metal:t2:

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