Can’t load samples?

Hi everyone. I’m trying to upload samples from and I keep getting this screen midway through the upload. Lots of garbled text and something about “integer out of range.”

When resetting the op-1 I have some but not all of the samples loaded. It’s driving me crazy. Any ideas?image

not positive but i would guess maybe one or some of your drum patches are corrupted?
theres been reports of some patches being corrupted

i think if u run them thru the drum utility again it cleans it up?


5 down, lots to go but they seem to be working now they’re coming back out of the utility. THANKS so much for the tip. Thought I’d bricked the OP!

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Yoo bro I have the same problem, im a total op-1 noob can you please explain how you fixed it? same thing happened with me, after it freezes on that screen i have to restart my op-1 and only some of the patches are there. did you just connect your op-1 to your computer again, delete all the patches and try adding them 1 by 1? or how did you identify which ones were corrupted? thanks a lot !

First of all welcome to the community!
And as for your issue I believe sheen stuck up there has the right Solution for ya;)
Good luck!

Hi @diplomat welcome aboard. I wasn’t able to tell which ones were corrupted or not from just ‘looking’ at them. I ran them all through the drum utility app and they came out fine. You have to do them in batches of less than 12 seconds in aggregate, or one by one. Once they’ve been through the utility they work fine.

Good luck!!

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