Can the OP-1 record stereo from input to album?

As the album seems to handle stereo recording, I was wondering you could record the external input to the album in stereo? I am thinking of complementing my OP-Z with an OP-1, but that would be crucial for me.

the input will be mono not matter what but you could put master reverb or something on there and get some stereo-ness out of it but its def not the same. You can pan tracks on the tape and make a stereo recording on the album but afaik anything on the inout comes in as mono. I think its kinda summed l+r

Thanks for the info!..that’s too bad. It would be great if they changed this in a firmware update.
Would be nice to use them together without anything else but not compromise the OP-Z stereo :frowning:

Impossible to change in firmware. The trrs jack only has a mono mic input. You can sample via usb but i think its also mono.

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Are you thinking of the OP-Z? The OP-1 has a separate line-in, doesn’t it?

I thought you were going from op1 INTO opz, my bad. Guess your going the other way??? Lol

yup OP-Z into OP-1 :slight_smile:

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As stated here already - OP-1 TRRS input jack will sum the T (Left) and R (Right) Audio signals for mono signal input only - I believe this is at the hardware component level, so no firmware can change this.

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Thanks for the answer…too bad, that’s one more point against getting one for me :frowning: