Can you dump OP-1 files directly to iPhone?

I tried using a mini USB to female USB plug along with a couple of file manager apps with no luck. Any way to do this? Hoping to take my OP-1 on a trip and would like to leave my laptop at home. I’m using an iPhone 4S if that makes a difference.

side question: when I start up my OP-1, is it normal to have a tiny strip with a bunch of colors on the left hand side? It occurred out of the box, after an update to 14203 and after an update to the beta. There’s also a 76 in the bottom left corner.

I use this to drop files to iPad occasionally:-

App is on my phone too and works streaming stuff so I guess it would also be the same thing with the op-1, but I’ve never tried it!!

I get the strip too, nothing to worry about afaik.

76 is the reference to the beta OS you’re running.

Thanks! I also found the Ravpower Filehub which can do something similar.

Ravpower Filehub is good.

Thanks Spheric_El, glad to get additional confirmation the Filehub will work!