Can you put FX pedal on OP1 and go back into it's Mixer?

Waiting on my preorder for the OP1, and a question concerning other gear.

I have an Eventide H9, which has lots of great effects. Can I send the OP1 signal to the H9, and have it come back into the OP1’s mixer? I know in general it’s better to think of the OP1 as a self-contained workstation. Still, I’d like to know.


  • Joe

u can sorta w/ some fancy panning and a splitter cable

Thanks, doshermsticks

Another idea would be to bounce the audio back & forth with another sampler or recorder, like a handheld recorder, which are pretty small: hook Op-1 out to H9, then H9 out to handheld recorder, record whatever audio you want onto recorder, then sample back into the Op-1.
Just an idea.
Sometimes I’ll have sound design sessions & make sounds to use later. Other times I’ll make the sounds & the beat at the same time.
I love using the Op-1 by itself, but in all honesty I love using it with other gear even more. Personally I feel like I get way more out of the Op-1 when using it with other gear for MANY reasons, but I don’t think that many people would agree with me. I WILL say however, that I don’t midi it.