Can't enable radio

Hi, guys! I am new to the OP-1, just picked up it today, but it looks like I’ve already messed up and somehow disable radio, so now in recording window radio icon skips all the time. Is there a way to return radio? Thanks

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I think at some point I had some kind of text signaling something about using radio…
My advice would be to backup everything then perform a factory reset.

i believe it ships w/ the radio disabled
and u have to press one of the encoders or something to enable it?

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Yeah, you have to enable the radio the first time.

See OP-1 guide: recording external sources.

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Makes sense.
So actually don’t factory reset ^^

Thanks you all, after some hours device decide to show me this message about radio enabling again so I enabled it.

Actually what you need to do is to turn the device off and on, then press shift + mic, the “Enable radio?” message should appear.