Can't get my head around Beat Match

^ I thought the sampler roots the sample to note A … shouldn’t it be ‘4 steps long A’ then?

Cool trick btw, can come handy for sure, thanks for sharing.

No I am pretty sure that’s a C ! (although I am usually calling it a Do - french notification)

Hmm … this is where my assumption came from:
But that’s valid for loaded samples.

I have the feeling that when I was sampling external A notes into a sampler, they were stuck fine to A but have to double check that. Or is the note held in sampler during the sampling assigning the root note? Cause that’s what I did.

I think the sampler roots the sample to the note you hit while sampling (if I understand correctly what you’re talking about).

Hi guys, i can’t seem to make this work in any possible way. When I turn on ‘beat match’ the tempo is not ‘dimmed’ and when I change the speed of the tape it changes, but also the pitch. Any help on this?