Cant load OP-1 boot screen

Hi all, after a few years of salivating over an OP-1 i finally bit the bullet and bought one, and i am really falling in love with it!

BUT … There seems to be a problem, I cant get the boot screen to appear anymore.

I used it twice, once to do a factory reset and once to check the motherboard (pressed the wrong button, wanted to factory reset again), and after that i havent been able to access the boot screen again. I tried holding COM whilst powering up while charging via plug USB, while charging via laptop, without any usb connection and even the OPT setting where there is no usb charge, and i get nothing, just a frozen blank screen after the speaker pop.

If i just let things power up normally everything is fine, i can make music and use all the music functions. Has anybody experienced this behaviour before?

I emailed TE and they think the DSP board might need to be replaced, if that is the case i would prefer to ask the retailer for a refund … However i would lose out on a good deal and if they refund my card i will prolly lose out a bit on the bank’s foreign exchange fees (in japan on holiday now, picked it up two days ago).

Any advice or suggestions?


Seems like there’s been a lot of these types of issues on the forum lately. I wonder if TE shipped a bad batch of OP1s…

Ok everyone, took it back and the shop gave me a refund as they had no replacement units. am a bit weary about buying an op-1 now after doing further research and seeing so many similar threads of problems cropping out of nowhere. Much more fun than i expected though … missing it already :frowning:

It’ll still only be a small number of units effected, there are a hell of a lot out there doing great remember. Just get your next one closer to home and you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

I was thinking of that too, but for me it seems japan is the closest country that sells it officially to where i am based now, and i have yet to get a response from teenage engineering after i sought further information from them regarding the situation … Not a good impression.

Am tempted by an octratrack which i saw at the shop for like usd300 more, but am afraid of the learning curve, which might be the opposite of the op-1 which i got the hang of in a few hours without reading the manual …