Can't synch Pocket operators

I can’t seem to synch my pocket operators. When the units are connected exactly as per the instructions and the controls operated exactly as instructed (and believe me I’ve gone over this DOZENS of times now! ) only sy0 and sy1 are available on both the master and slave units and the units will not synch. Sometimes jiggling the cable will result in sy0-sy5 being available on the slave unit but the units still will not synch. Has anyone else had this problem? is there some trick to this that I’m not getting? I’ve e-mailed TE support but as yet have received no response. Can anyone out there help?

Are you using a cable with TRS plugs at each end? Is it possible that one or both ends only have a TS plug?


Sounds like a broken cable.

Def won’t work with just a ts cable. I tried with the cables from my microbrute and it will not work. TRS works fine.