CARBON sequencer/performance system has landed!

Can you say- FUN?!:smiley:

It looks like a sequencer that will be fun to use:)

Yes looks great, what with this and the Pyramid it finally looks like next level sequencers are becomng a reality, rather than just a marketing term, Elektron are finally going to be adding some long overdue features to the analog range so I’m not sure if I’ll take the plunge on the Pyramid AND the Carbon, but I will possibly get one or the other, at the moment the Pyramid has the edge on sequencing for me, but the Kilpatrick trumps it on connectivity.

The Pyramid is nice for sure. Mine should be arriving in December if production remains on schedule. Hopefully CARBON will reach it’s funding goal because I’d really love to mess with that as well. He mentioned to me in an email that they might put a Tetris-type game in as an Easter egg…and hopefully Space Invaders too:). He posted on GS earlier today and is ready to answer questions so if you have any, let him know man.

Check it out if you’re interested-


He’s also answering questions here if you want to avoid the noise that is so typical of GearSlutz (incessant bickering, unprovoked personal attacks, etc).

He’s getting close to the crowdfunding goal. Still a ways to go yet though. This needs to be released!

They made it!

Also, this has built-in USB host, which is great.

Probably gonna go for it over the Squarp Pyramid, BeatStep Pro, Social Entropy Engine

A tad misleading with your hyperbolic topic title, no?

“Landed” is a term that’s pretty universally reserved for an AVAILABLE item.

I guess you missed out! Oh well sucka! Sucks to be you hahahahahhaha:)

There’s still one more hour left for 1st/2nd batches…

I’m choosing to pass. It has much more CV than my Pyramid, but I have plenty of CV options between the Pyramid and Analog Keys anyway.

i went for it, hope it works out well!

PS: @FreshPants nice avatar :slight_smile:

Thx. :smiley:

I’m waiting for the first few people to review before I decide whether or not it’d be worth it for me to get one. Besides I need to spend money on other things right now.

This has shipped now, I’ll get mine next week.

The manual is available here:

(I really hope the USB Host works with the OP-1, otherwise I’ll be sickened!)

It arrived!

Anyone else in on it?

I have a Squarp Pyramid and it is a very powerful sequencer. After seeing a demo by Kilpatrick of the Carbon in Toronto, I think I made the right choice. The Carbon is very performance oriented; however, it is descended more from the step sequencer world…I needed a sequencer that could record complex midi information and modify it.

Interested to know how people are liking their Carbon, in the end I got a Pyramid, some cool things on it but not loving the current pattern/mute states ideology, basically it means that sequences are all the same but with diffetent mute scenes, which I find a tad limiting for doing sets with, fine for studio use when working on one song but for live jams not so much.

…got my Carbon…just trying to find some time with it…will report back.

Struggling to get the OP-1 tape to start when I hit play on the Carbon, any suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

Have you switched sync on on the tempo page? the green encoder, maybe? or the orange…

edit: white?