Cases for OP-1

I am a lucky owner of this

It rules!

i use this. fits the op1 perfectly. super secure. extra room for all my op1 accessories including my 12 foot cables.

@sammyjams pretty bad ass case. Was it a limited case? Post pics!

Their cases look nice, too bad it’s only on black.

@kites yes it was a limited edition case sadly. I’ll post some pics soon


that case looks perfect. a nice coincidence.

I do want the pendeo case but man it seems so pricey and I’ve read that if you leave the jack in all the time it will bend the connection back so idk.
That mono case is super cool, isn’t it water proof?

Handgun cases work well but try approaching Mr Customs Officer with that before declaring there’s a synth inside :wink:

I got a Sennheiser Microphone Case from eBay for a couple of pound. Spend a few more £ on some foam and have a nice solid case.

One more thought on the Pendeo case: while it is definitely super-sexy and in general I dig wooden stuff, this case doesn’t really suit the OP-1, imo. Something made of carbon fiber or glass fiber would be perfect though. Just my 2 cents.

@spacetravelmadeeasy I have flown with the op1 in the gun case without ever having a problem. in and out of JFK several times. One time was from israel. 50% of the time it goes through the machine no problem and the other 50% of the time they just wanted to see “super awesome synth thingy.” Although usually they are more concerned with my guitar case filled with electronic components which look like a bomb but ive never had a problem other than a good laugh from TSA.

edit- also im super bearded and look like a “terrorist.”

“these aren’t the bomb components you’re looking for” :waggles fingers in face:

Ha; awesome!

10 bucks and it has a battery powered stereo amplifier and speakers built in:

Just remove the CD holder insert and you're good to go. (Got this tip from the old site.)

Here it is on Amazon:

I have only flown with the OP-1 once and the TSA at JFK gave me crap about it “what’s a synthesizer?” I’m sure it goes to the intelligence and the character of the officer you are dealing with, this one wasn’t too bright.

Let’s see the beard!

I have flown on every flight with my OP-1. even had my oplab a few time. never been a problem. KNock on wood!

I just ordered the CD holder case. Given it has built-in speakers, it seems like a very interesting solution to two things I was trying to find answers for. I’ll post again once it arrives and how it works.
Thanks again!

I’m going to get one of those UDG hard cases.

Note that they also have a black one (instead of silver) which has the full upper half hollowed out. That one can fit the NI controller that has the crossfaders, as opposed to the other two in that line that only have buttons/pads on the bottom half. So for OP-1 users, it’s just extra space for cables and such.

Had the choice between the udg kontrol and the TE one. Bought the TE one. Works :slight_smile:

the way I see it, the UDG one is effectively a half price TE one minus the strap loops and pouches and such. which I can live with, though it would be nice having an official one.

It’s even packaged with foam inserts in the openings, which can be cut to make the proper fit on the OP1.

Hi, I found the official case at €49 here