Changing Track Levels (Mixer) Without App?

I can’t figure out how to increase/decrease volumes of individual track in the mixer section (you know, the main thing you want to do in a mixer), on the device itself without the App.

I am assuming that this is possible as it would be mind-bendingly dumb if it were not.

What do I need to do here?

press shift til yellow page, then turn red encoder.

How does one make the red encoder target an individual track for level adjustment?

On the mixer page you can’t. But on each track in the yellow parameter section the red knob modifies the track’s volume.

See also: How to mix individual tracks instead of group

I am assuming that this is possible as it would be mind-bendingly dumb if it were not. in a nutshell

This has been my main gripe with my OP-Z so far.
I’ve found it quite baffling that you can’t do per track on the mixer page.

I guess because the mixer is one of the top buttons on the device, it makes other keypress combinations tricky.
I would love something like: holding down the individual track (e.g. chord) while in mixer mode… then using the encoders to adjust volume / other mixer params (but would currently require 3 hands, or at least be tricky with the top button distance)

this is the main reason I think about getting something like a launch control. I don’t like how you need to hold the mixer button to use the screen. If the mixer page could be one of the pages in the app you can open, like configurator, photomatic, or video pack, I would use it more.

I suppose it would be possible to make something in touch OSC or liine lemur. It is also possible to build a unity scene to work as a mixer. This dude made a video pack that resembles the Final Fantasy VII menu’s but works as a mixer. Send him messages and tell him you want a full mixer video pack.

You can use the mutegroups for volumecontrol?

One advice for easier mixing:
In content mode you can access the general config json.
Here you should change “disable_param_ page_reset” to “true”.
When you now toggle between tracks, the op-z will stay on the same parameter-page. So in this case you will stay on the “yellow” page and do not always have to navigate to it again and again. By that, mixing is much easier and faster.