Changing track without soloing


I can’t seem to be able to change the track when live looping in tape mode without soloing the track I am selecting, and this making audio drop out on the tracks that are looping. I am new to all this and assume there must be a way to do this.



Press all track keys at once and let go of the one that you want to select last. Takes some timing to get used to but it works

That still requires very quick timing, and would most likely still result in cutting some track out momentarily.

If you could do that action so fast that there were no blips in the audio, you should just be able to tap the single track button you want.

AFAIK, there’s no method of switching tracks that doesn’t actually solo or mute any. (you just have to do the available methods really quickly)

@beefinator yes It is not perfect… but if you are it is sweet. I find i hit and the wrong beat and funky shit happens. but timing is key in live performance… if a dj is of a millisecond the beat are offset.

So if you want perfection you have to be prefect or you need to use a DAW an fix slop after. As I can be lazy the later is best for production value. But in the battles I strive for more. and all sets I do in battle are first or second takes of a live performance.

Cool, will just work on my timing, thanks!