chanson française et conséquences


Here's a video of "chanson française et conséquences". We play famous French songs but the singer can't speak French so she's trying her best!

I wouldn't say that I'm showing all the amazing functions of the OP-1 in this video :-) just the synth in fact. But I compose with the OP-1 a little song for the end of each our videos, so feel free to watch it until the end, and our other videos as well...

That was great!

Haha. Very entertaining!

haha very nice

Tanks a lot, guys. I guess our video are funnier if you can speak French because the accent of our singer is really weird!

Anyway, here are two other videos for which I used the OP-1 (not for the actual songs, but only for the little music at the end). Hope you guys like them…

Very nice! Watched all the videos, commence!

Hello guys,

Here's a new video of my band chanson française et conséquences with my beloved OP-1 in it. Once again, it doesn't show much of what's possible with the OP-1, but don't they say 'less is more' ?

Oh and you can also see a Korg Monotribe in the vid. Hope you like it.

Nice one again! I like how the lights have the exact bpm on her. Are you playing the OP-1 with the endless arpeggiator? If yes good timing, it can be hard to find the right bpm to the monotribe.

Thanks a lot mixrasta!

Everything is done really simply here. As you probably noticed, I’m flashing the lights myself so it was not rocket science to get the right bpm (as I’m not deaf yet :slight_smile:
And I’m just playing the OP-1 with the keyboard, so no endless arpeggiator, sorry about that. We’ve done some tries to get the same bpm between the monotribe and the OP-1. It kind of worked but it really isn’t so easy to get the good speed. The method I thought worked the best was to tap the tempo on the OP-1 to find the right bpm, then to adjust it with the metronome on and the shift button hold for better precision. Then, instead of using Endless arpeggiator, I used the tape to create a short loop, so when you feel it’s getting out of tempo, you can just hit the Play button once on the first beat. But, anyway, we finally didn’t use that trick :slight_smile:

Something else that came up, which sounded really nice (but again not in this video) was to use the OP-1 to add effects (like my beloved CWO) on the monotribe sound.

C’est délicieux !

Thx for explaining @adrigax, enjoying it to watch your performances, simple but very effective!


here’s a new video. No OP-1 visible there, but as always OP-1 was used for the ending music.
A big thanks to @cuckoo ! I’m sure your trained ear will recognize your Opine presets.

Hope you like it :

Très bien! Very charming and entertaining. Who are you of the bunch? Couldn’t help but absolotely love mr keytar and his eternal smile, ha ha. I love how you use the OPINES presets. I can’t believe how genuine it actually sounds.

Hey merci beaucoup Cuckoo! Well I must tell you I’m the smiling one. But don’t worry, the two other ones are really nice people too, even without the smile.

No OP-1 in this new video, but I thought I might post it here anyway :slight_smile:

j'te l'dis quand même - chanson française et conséquences IIIIIII - YouTube

New video by my band…

just incredible :smiley:

Love these videos!

Here's our new song. Will you find the OP-1, and what it is doing here?

That was fun! :slight_smile: