charging issue. I might have made an "uh-oh"!

My OP-1 just went flat in the middle of a session. I had the midi cable plugged in and was controlling the OP1 with another keyboard through Ableton, Was working just great. The problem is, that I think I might have forgotten to turn the charging back on after disabling it when i was trying to conquer the infamous noise issue. Is my synth still going to charge? I’m a little bit freaking out thnking that i i might have stupidly bricked my new toy. Please reassure me that I’m less of an idiot than i feel like at this moment!!!

^ Fully draining the battery should not damage it. People have done that before.

i guess that i spoke too soon, as well. As soon as i posted, my OP-1 jumped back to life!!! YEAAAAAAAAH!! Probably just using it too much lately without having it charging and sucked it dry through normal use, phew…

I think the “charging off” only works when the OP-1 is on, if you see what I mean. OP-1 will always charge over USB when it is switched off and plugged in to a computer.

good info. thanks. I put it on the charger for a few hours and all is again golden. I am a bit of an overprotective young parent.