Charging OP-Z and iPhone simultaneously when using this adapter?

Does anyone of you have experience with using this adapter? When sampling etc. between iPhone and OP-Z, will it enable me to charge BOTH devices at the same time via the extra-lightning-port? For some people (not using an OP-Z, but other equipment) charging seems to work, for some it doesn’t…
If it works I’d get that one instead of the USB-only-camera-connection-adapter.

It seems like phone charges but OP-Z does not charge.

I experimented turning on/off OP-Z USB charging (screen button + E2/farthest white key), but OP-Z battery keeps going down.

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Ok good to know :+1:t2: Thanks for the reply!

Great question and topic. I’ve noticed that not all USB-C cables are built to the same specifications and some cables don’t charge the device they are connected to. It’s odd, but sometimes you have to rule out that the cable is not the issue.

I have this accessory arriving today and I will run some quick tests and report back.

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Here’s the result of my tests:

Using the official Apple Camera Connection Adaptor, plugging in the adaptor to an iPhone and the TE USB-C cable to the OPZ, the OPZ automatically switches over to that input when it detects a signal. And sampling from the phone is very convenient with this accessory and setup.

Connecting the official Apple USB Lighting cable that came with the phone into the Camera adaptor allows you to charge both the phone and the OPZ simultaneously. However, without the Lighting cable, the phone does not charge the OPZ when on battery power. Hope that helps!

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