Charging while in use

How do you toggle charging the device while in use? I know there is a way to turn this option on/off when dealing with hum. Thx

Shift and com, option 4, then turn the blue knob. I am too embarrassed to own up as to how long it took me to work out I had to turn the knob!


i see what you’re talking about but neither option lets me charge while in use… i have the usb plugged in and don’t see the battery charging while the unit is on with either option… am i missing something?

I think it will be charging okay. I noticed your other post too. My OP-1 did all this shortly after I got it (after the very first charge IIRC). What I did was to use it until it switched itself off, then fully charged it and the battery meter has been behaving ever since.


Help key to view charge status while on.