Cheapie gear stand


Above, you can see my fantastic Beatstep/Shruthi/Cathedral stand, custom made by me for a whopping 15 Euros!!! How did I make such a fantastic stand that will allow me to tilt my equipment and repel my cats? Well, I'll explain!!!!

I created some rails from cheapie pine and beech square dowels. I glued them onto an IKEA DAGOTTO footrest


I put some Sugru on the legs to keep the platform from rotating backwards past the horizontal position


Also, for a super cheap OP-1 stand, use a couple of rubber door stops!!!


There ya go, 2 music stands for less than the cost of an OP-1 screen protector!!! Have fun!!!

P.S. Please excuse the dirty condition of the foot rest. The glue I used gets everywhere, and I haven't had a chance to clean it up with the rotary tool.