Compatible midi keyboards that work direct from the op-z


Loving my OP-Z but hate the keyboard interface and also don’t see it lasting forever, so I’m looking for a compatible keyboard that plugs directly into the z, no usb hubs. I own a nanokey 2 and despite drawing less than 100mA it doesn’t seem to be supported, it also doesn’t have a shift key which I think is crucial to operation. Anyway was hoping we/ you might compile a list of keyboards and gear that is compatible without using a usb hub, after all this thing is supposed to be portable.


Arturia MiniLab and Akai LPK 25 works with OP-Z, but the MiniLab consume the battery faster than LPK 25. I had luck, my two midi keyboard worked with the OP-Z.


Nice one mr croquet, the list begins. I’ll add the keystep and Keith McMillen kboard/qnexus too cause I’ve seen cuckoo use em

Arturia minilab
Arturia keystep
Akai LPK 25
Keith mcmillen kboard
Keith McMullen qnexus

Let’s try n make this comprehensive. If you use a midi device join in n let us know, remember midi only no usb hubs (that could make a separate thread) also no oplab users if you connect from oplab, just the usb c connection thanks.


MiniLab and LPK 25 keyboards works with OP-Z using an usb c to usb adapter, I haven’t the proper usb cable but the adapter make the work, no usb hubs, and no extra powering. Although I can’t recomend Arturia MiniLab, it will drain OP-Z battery quickly.


FWIW, the nanokey studio works with the OP-Z. You need to plug it into the USB-C and then turn on the OP-Z. The initial power up activates the nanokey studio. Just tested it on my setup to confirm


Op-1 obviously :slight_smile: